Monday, February 28, 2011

4th Young Multimedia and Graphic Designers Summit at DLSU

Photo Credit

I attended my first Young Multimedia and Graphic Designers Summit at DLSU last Saturday because my long-time friend, Lian Castillo, one of the organizers of the talk, invited us last February 14. She told me Gerry Alanguilan (Komikero) was gonna be there, as well as Tricia Gosingtian. Since I was free that day, I decided to take a shot. I'm not a graphic designer or someone who's even practicing graphic design. I just appreciate art and look up to those who followed the path of the artsy farsty and are now getting recognized for it. The event wasn't a total waste at all. BEST ART DAY EVER. I learned a lot from the speakers. They had all good insights and advice and they were really nice. I now have new idols in the artistic field. Christian San Jose is just 21. Successful at 21, can you believe that?! *laslas*
Mithi and I were seated at the back row. During Christian's talk, I saw Gerry enter the room and take the seat near mine. SPAZZING. Of course I didn't show it but I was so damn excited to actually see him right there beside me. From afar, Lian was giving me signs, spazzing from her position and telling me that Komikero was right beside me. Of course I knew he was right beside me, I just wanted to play it cool. Of course, I mustered enough strength to talk to him after. :))
The greatest man on the Internet: Komikero

In the middle of Gerry's talk, I had to step out to answer a phone call. I saw Tricia sitting outside. She was the  next speaker. I was awestruck (inward spazzing) and I wanted to tell Mithi that she was there just so that she can grab Gayba (her camera) and take a photo while there wasn't a crowd forming around her. But I left my other phone with Mithi and I was in the middle of a serious phone conversation. I just paced back and forth, leaned on the wall, and tried to speak in hushed tones because I noticed that Tricia was looking at me while I was on the phone. After her talk, when I managed to have my photo taken with her, she said "Siya yung nasa phone kanina sa labas." LOL.
Tricia Gosingtian

Nelz Yumul (WeWillDoodle)
Oh, and we also had our photo taken with Monica Muyot, Lian's friend, because we caught ourselves admiring her prettiness. Fan girl moment there again.

I enjoyed the day tremendously. I can't wait for next year's YMGDS. Good job, Lian! :D

Photo credits: Mithilaya Reyes Miclat

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Single But Not Alone, Unattached But Not Lonely

Valentines has got to be one of the cheesiest days that ever existed on the calendar. Yesterday, while I was on my way to Makati, I encountered a lot of people bringing more than just bags and planners. Men bringing bouquets, women carrying either pink teddy bears or stems of red roses, and almost everyone having at least one item of red clothing on them. Yes, Filipinos take Valentines seriously, especially the ones who are in relationships. I have not been receiving flowers since I was in grade school. Heck, I haven't been receiving any Valentine gift since grade school (Correct me if I'm wrong, people). Well, until 9:30pm of Saturday. A friend (who asked A LOT of help from my lovely baby, Kacy) came to the condo bearing gifts. How cute. Based on the gifts given, Kacy was a great wingwoman (as she would put it) and the guy followed her advice.

     It was embarrassing for me to pass by the guard that night with a huge teddy bear, the biggest teddy bear that has been given to, and a box of chocolates. It was more embarrassing for me to enter our unit and to be seen by my sister and mom because they started bombarding me with questions. By the end of the night, mom asked me why I wasn't given flowers. I told her that the guy asked Kacy about what I thought of flowers and I said I don't appreciate flowers because they just die. She kept justifying the romance brought about by a bouquet of flowers and I just kept insisting that they die and it's a waste. I remember getting roses for Prom from my date and, even if I did appreciate them, I already anticipated how it would look as it starts to wither in the next few days. I appreciate what I got for this year, though. The teddy currently sits atop the television. I still have to name it. I didn't name the numerous teddy bears I got back in high school but that's because I never was into them before. Teddy bears were the go-to gift given my boys. That or flowers. My college teddy, though, which I got from The Heat at Shangri-la ended up with a name. I named it Gemini. It's currently with my ex-bestfriend, though and I still want him back because Gemini was really cute. 

     My Valentines started earlier than expected. Still, it's nice to know that I have sweet friends. I have to thank Kacy for being a wingwoman. She knew exactly what I wanted, down to the kind of chocolates I enjoy. :))

     I mentioned earlier that I was on my way to Makati in the morning. It was because I had to meet with Nino so that I could accompany him to Holcim for a meeting with Ms. Cortez. We were supposed to go there with Ian, Michelle, and Francis but none of them showed up, so I started my Valentines Day with a Holcim date with Nino Ricardo. Hahaha. It was a fruitful and interesting morning and we decided to part ways after reaching Trinoma since he had a date with his laptop and design and I had to get home and grab something to eat. I did a little windowshopping first, though. It's Valentines, might as well treat myself since I was already at the mall. 

     For dinner, my high school buds and I decided to have dinner in Rockwell. You don't need a "special someone" to rock your Valentines. You just need awesome friends and you'll get by. We had dinner at Burgoo then went to The Ice Cream Bar for, well, ice cream.

     At Burgoo, one of the waiters changed the channel on the tv, which was mounted on the wall, and it landed on a channel that was showing The Ugly Truth. Now, I have had the biggest crush on Gerard Butler because of this movie. I practically want to pounce on him if given the chance. He is THAT HOT. I texted two Arki friends about it just because I couldn't contain myself. One of them was my clone/girlfriend, Keilah Rodriguez. She agrees that indeed, Butler is one hot man. I decided to stray away from my Butler thoughts later on through the night to tend to other things like random pictorials with my buddies, fireworks, and dessert at The Ice Cream Bar. My Valentines was already complete so far and it was just 11pm. We all decided to get home before midnight due to dorm curfews (and my probationary status since I got grounded). I immediately logged into Facebook and to my surprise, Keilah gave me her Valentine gift, a photo of a butt-naked Gerard Butler.

     Now, don't get me wrong, he is hot butt-naked or semi-naked but I had a crush on him when he was FULLY CLOTHED. But, I appreciated the effort of Keilah, for putting a personal stamp on her last minute gift to moi, her long distance and unattached girlfriend. I got love all the way from Davao! Sweet.

Happy Valentines/Single Awareness/Independence Day to everyone. I hope no one was lonely because loneliness is not an option when there's always the choice to be happy. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Enhancing Creativity

I wanna start getting serious in making my own jewelry again. I miss making crafts. After working in the Thingys Crew, I have grown fond of handmade quirks.

My sister wants me to design and create a black tulle headband for her, which she will be using on the 5th of March for a debut she's planning to attend. It's going to be in Amber UltraLounge at The Fort. We got the idea from Forever21 yesterday, while we were shopping. We spotted a bunch of tulle headbands which looked more or less like this:
Photo Source: Headbands & hairstyles

Basically, if I plan to push through with this project for the dearest fashionista of a sister who's seen me work on various crafts before, I'll be needing these materials (Velvet trim optional):
Photo Source: DIY: Maison Michelle Bunny Ears

Oh, I did mention that we went shopping, right? Well, of course, I did not leave Forever 21 empty-handed. I bought a basic white v-neck (since I lost the one I got from the a local department store) and a dress which went on sale (50% off!!!). And out of sudden obsession, I bought bangles. 

Shopping is pure bliss. :)

We had to go to mass after shopping, though, so I had to look decent and in my "Sunday Best" even if it was still a Saturday.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thingys Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

One Monday, Cessa Gaston made a Facebook post saying "Heidi Louise Torralba do you love me?" I laughed at the thought but replied anyway. She wanted to know if I was free in the upcoming Saturday, and I was. All she said next was "YEY! Model. Be pretty. AWESOME." How could I say no to that, right?

The shoot was supposed to be at Daylight Studio in Cubao X. An emergency occurred which made us end up at LGV. We were supposed to shoot at the Rainbow Trees (named because the tree trunks were painted using the colors of the rainbow) but there was a construction going on in that area so we had to find another place which was still within LGV. Thank God we found a place. It was fun to frolic while Jeric took shots. Happiness in nonsense, it is. :)

‎"Lie down on the grass, roll around, I will make you laugh."

- Jeric Rustia

The heat was oppressive, plus there were construction workers looking at us from a distance, but I don't think  they could see very well with the distance between their spot and ours. We managed to laugh a lot and enjoy the shoot. 

Cessa happily frolicking

With our photographer, Jeric Rustia

Note: I do not take credit for any of the photos posted in this entry.

Photos courtesy of Jeric Rustia
Clothing c/o Cessa Gaston and Hannah Torralba (teehee)
Check out more photos from Cessa Gaston's album:

Thingys Accessories

The Thingys website has a new look! Visit it at! :)

Check out the Starsheep Trooper! necklace One of the cute Thingys designs I wore for the shoot. :)

I don’t have a close-up photo of the Sheep, though, and the site currently doesn’t have a photo of it either 
because this came from a limited edition set

The skirt from my sister’s closet. She made me borrow some of her clothes to bring for the photoshoot (Cessa made us bring A LOT of clothes so that we could choose. And because of all this, I told myself that I had to start shopping for new clothes. My wardrobe needs new items, I believe.

Yes, everything I wore here isn’t mine, but I personally put them together (which made Cessa go “I like it”). :">

Hype this look on Lookbook

It was a fun day. To check out the behind-the-scenes happenings, check out Thingys Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

I take no credit for the photos used in this entry. All photos are Cessa Gaston's property