Monday, February 28, 2011

4th Young Multimedia and Graphic Designers Summit at DLSU

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I attended my first Young Multimedia and Graphic Designers Summit at DLSU last Saturday because my long-time friend, Lian Castillo, one of the organizers of the talk, invited us last February 14. She told me Gerry Alanguilan (Komikero) was gonna be there, as well as Tricia Gosingtian. Since I was free that day, I decided to take a shot. I'm not a graphic designer or someone who's even practicing graphic design. I just appreciate art and look up to those who followed the path of the artsy farsty and are now getting recognized for it. The event wasn't a total waste at all. BEST ART DAY EVER. I learned a lot from the speakers. They had all good insights and advice and they were really nice. I now have new idols in the artistic field. Christian San Jose is just 21. Successful at 21, can you believe that?! *laslas*
Mithi and I were seated at the back row. During Christian's talk, I saw Gerry enter the room and take the seat near mine. SPAZZING. Of course I didn't show it but I was so damn excited to actually see him right there beside me. From afar, Lian was giving me signs, spazzing from her position and telling me that Komikero was right beside me. Of course I knew he was right beside me, I just wanted to play it cool. Of course, I mustered enough strength to talk to him after. :))
The greatest man on the Internet: Komikero

In the middle of Gerry's talk, I had to step out to answer a phone call. I saw Tricia sitting outside. She was the  next speaker. I was awestruck (inward spazzing) and I wanted to tell Mithi that she was there just so that she can grab Gayba (her camera) and take a photo while there wasn't a crowd forming around her. But I left my other phone with Mithi and I was in the middle of a serious phone conversation. I just paced back and forth, leaned on the wall, and tried to speak in hushed tones because I noticed that Tricia was looking at me while I was on the phone. After her talk, when I managed to have my photo taken with her, she said "Siya yung nasa phone kanina sa labas." LOL.
Tricia Gosingtian

Nelz Yumul (WeWillDoodle)
Oh, and we also had our photo taken with Monica Muyot, Lian's friend, because we caught ourselves admiring her prettiness. Fan girl moment there again.

I enjoyed the day tremendously. I can't wait for next year's YMGDS. Good job, Lian! :D

Photo credits: Mithilaya Reyes Miclat

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