Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thingys Accessories

The Thingys website has a new look! Visit it at! :)

Check out the Starsheep Trooper! necklace One of the cute Thingys designs I wore for the shoot. :)

I don’t have a close-up photo of the Sheep, though, and the site currently doesn’t have a photo of it either 
because this came from a limited edition set

The skirt from my sister’s closet. She made me borrow some of her clothes to bring for the photoshoot (Cessa made us bring A LOT of clothes so that we could choose. And because of all this, I told myself that I had to start shopping for new clothes. My wardrobe needs new items, I believe.

Yes, everything I wore here isn’t mine, but I personally put them together (which made Cessa go “I like it”). :">

Hype this look on Lookbook

It was a fun day. To check out the behind-the-scenes happenings, check out Thingys Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

I take no credit for the photos used in this entry. All photos are Cessa Gaston's property

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