Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Move!

Hello, readers!

I finally got my own domain! So, I have moved all my works and will be putting my new posts there. You might want to check it out and follow. :D

Lots of love,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dress Up and Feel Pretty

Have you ever imagined a cute outfit, became excited about wearing it but then decided to save it for a special occasion for fear of looking overdressed on an ordinary day? I have. Countless times, actually. I like the idea of looking pretty on certain days but there have been occasions when I go to school donned in a skirt or dress, I got teased and my friends say "You have a date, don't you?" Uhh, no, I just felt like dressing up.

My mom has also been pestering me for years to go out and wear heels, even if I'll just be going to school, since I'm only 5'4" and in need of some help in the height department. I don't want to look overdressed when I go to school, since I'm known to walk around in flats all the time. I save heels for special occasions. I save dresses and skirts for special occasions. I save certain pretty tops for special occasions. But who ever said that dressing up was reserved for special occasions? Who ever said that looking pretty and cute on ordinary days is wrong?

I recently tweeted something related to the moments I decided to dress up:

And it rendered this reaction:

Apparently, I'm not the only girl who feels the same way. That's why I try to dress up when I can because I dress up according to my mood. When I'm happy or excited, I tend to dress up in a girly manner or come up with any outfit that exudes happiness. When I'm feeling lazy, I choose clothes that I can practically lounge in, without looking like I just got out of bed.

People tend to judge us on how we look and how we carry ourselves so if you don't even bother about your appearance or even present yourself in a pleasant way, what does that say about you? My mom has reprimanded me for sometimes not caring about how I look. I went through a phase wherein I went to school in male cargo pants or went on a lunch and coffee date with my dad in an ugly jeans-and-shirt combo. It's embarrassing to think that my dad would accompany me to the mall and help me find new clothes out of pity for how I looked whenever we met. 

That's why I try to dress up when I can, whenever I feel like it. I strive to look presentable or pretty when I go to school, run an errand, or meet with family and friends. I dress up and make sure what I'm wearing is appropriate and comfortable enough to get me through the things I have to do for the day, be it grocery shopping or a study group session.

So, to the girls who have second-guessed themselves in front of a mirror when trying on a go-to outfit for the day, always remember to feel pretty. Always try your best to express yourself and convey a good message with how you present yourself. Don't be afraid to make fashion mistakes. It happens to everyone and all you have to do is learn from them and move past them. At least, you already know what not to do. Dress up to leave a good impression on everyone you meet, even if it's a stranger or a passer-by. Dress up because you want to.

"The more you dress up, the more you'll have fun." - Brian Molko

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cracked Nail Polish

I had a mani-pedi after months of keeping my nails bare. That's a lot of breathing time, if you ask me. Also, I got used to seeing them without color, especially at the times when I was drafting. I guess now I can have my nails painted since I won't be doing tedious things with my hands yet for the next few weeks.

Are you guys familiar with the cracked or crackle nail polish trend? It's basically the easiest nail art ever. All you have to do is apply a base coat, let it dry then apply a layer of Cracked nail polish and... it actually cracks! My friend, Kirby (the same guy who gave me the Mortal Kombat shirt from Hot Topic) gave me a bottle of L.A. Girl Cracked Nail Polish in Explode (GNL176) and only got to try it on my first mani-pedi session for this sem. I used a grey Orly polish as my base coat (since that was what Enza Katipunan had) then topped it off with the Cracked nail polish and was quite pleased with the results. I'm not exactly a fan of nail art but this type amused me because I like the deconstructed vibe the effect has and since the cracked design comes out randomly as you apply the coat of polish, it's interesting to watch the pattern form.

I kept my toes plain, though just to let them have the clean look. I apologize for showing you a photo of my not-so-attractive feet. I just wanted to show you the color they currently have painted on.

Photo Credit

There are other brands that offer Cracked or Crackle nail polish, like China Glaze, OPI, and Mia Secret, and their effect is closely similar.  I think I'll go around looking for other colors and brands, check what's readily available here in the Philippines, and keep experimenting with the cracked fun when I can.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chains and Charms

I got my stuff from ELETSHOP! Okay, I actually got them a few days ago, but I only managed to blog about it now. Boo me.

I was happy scrolling through the stuff on Irish's (that's the shop's name's owner) site because all of the charms were really cute. Too bad, though, some of the ones I liked were sold out and I was a bit low on cash when I decided to purchase some of her stuff. But I'm extremely happy with what I got and just how fast the whole transaction was.

I actually had a certain level of exhilaration when the guard handed me the package when I was about to enter the condominium around a day or two after I paid for everything. It was my first time to buy stuff online. Yes, I'm an online shopping noob.

So, yeah, anyway, new charms, chains, and wire to add to my crafting collection. If I had all the time right now, I'd be DIY-ing. I actually managed to make a few things but I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and make jewelry.

I've got a cabinet's cost estimate and airport design waiting for me so I guess the DIY therapy should wait.

What do you lovelies suggest I should make? Hit me up! I'm willing to experiment with anything. :)