Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Day High

     First day of classes and I didn't know what to wear. The heat was pretty oppressive and I didn't want to go to my classes all drenched in sweat. Come to think of it, I didn't have any classes except for Math 53 (or should I say Math 159). I spent the day just lazing around, playing card games with the boys and chilling at Papu's with the boys before heading home. Pretty chill day. 

     Monday was our "last day of summer." Some of my friends spent it bumming out 'cause we won't get that privelege once the professors start bombarding us with papers, exams, and plates. How did I spend mine? I got creative and started crafting. I finally bought wire, a tool set, and crafting pliers. I was spazzing inwardly and just wanted to test my idle crafting skills. I managed to make a few stuff, around five rings and one necklace. I don't have a photo of the necklace but I'll show it soon. I used one of the rings on my first day in school. What do you think? :)

     The first day of classes wasn't very eventful, class-wise. It is never eventful, actually. Professors are too lazy to hold classes, the students aren't prepped for lectures, and we all just really wanna sit and hang out with friends or orgmates. The first day of classes in UP is used to make the summer memories and enrolment stress roll off our shoulders. Real work starts the week after. I'm in my fourth year in college, I'm used to this kind of set-up.