Sunday, February 13, 2011

Enhancing Creativity

I wanna start getting serious in making my own jewelry again. I miss making crafts. After working in the Thingys Crew, I have grown fond of handmade quirks.

My sister wants me to design and create a black tulle headband for her, which she will be using on the 5th of March for a debut she's planning to attend. It's going to be in Amber UltraLounge at The Fort. We got the idea from Forever21 yesterday, while we were shopping. We spotted a bunch of tulle headbands which looked more or less like this:
Photo Source: Headbands & hairstyles

Basically, if I plan to push through with this project for the dearest fashionista of a sister who's seen me work on various crafts before, I'll be needing these materials (Velvet trim optional):
Photo Source: DIY: Maison Michelle Bunny Ears

Oh, I did mention that we went shopping, right? Well, of course, I did not leave Forever 21 empty-handed. I bought a basic white v-neck (since I lost the one I got from the a local department store) and a dress which went on sale (50% off!!!). And out of sudden obsession, I bought bangles. 

Shopping is pure bliss. :)

We had to go to mass after shopping, though, so I had to look decent and in my "Sunday Best" even if it was still a Saturday.


  1. I love tulle headbands! :) Go for it!

  2. Hopefully, I don't screw up the design. XD