Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Because

I thought I only had one class today, since I remembered Ma'am Sy-Changco saying that after last week, we would be having individual consultations and our next official meeting will be on February 8. So, I stayed home to do homework, do my Construction plate. Since I was only attending one class, I didn't want to make a fuss about what I was going to wear. So I decided to step out in a grey Oxygen top and black Foever 21 leggings (as part of my personal challenge to not wear short shorts to school). I went to UP at 1pm to go to my supposedly one and only class, Plumbing. I was told that we had Arch75 this morning. Only six students were present. WOW.

Sir Espina returned our blue books which contained our 1st exam. I passed. Thank God. He did say that he was disappointed with the results of our exam. I felt guilty because I knew how passionate he was about the subject, being a proud Master Plumber and all. Well, I will strive to do better and understand the concepts just so that he won't wind up with a headache the next time he has to check our exams.

I got home early to do homework. There's homework for Arch27 (Structurals), GE 11 (Elementary Surveying), and Arch33 (Concrete Construction). Homework, here I come.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was really excited for this day because I planned to give myself some "me" time.

I started my day with a morning jog with Ross and Kuya Ray. After 6.6km, we decided to have strawberry-mango shakes at Lutong Bahay. It felt good to start my Saturday the healthy way.

When I got back to Katipunan, I had lunch at home, bathed, then decided to start the self-pampering. I went to Lay Bare to avail of the services that I didn't get to use yet when I picked one of their waxing packages. I then proceeded to Enza right after for a mani-pedi with my sister. I was supposed to use Face Shop's YL702, the latest color I bought but my sister forgot to bring it with her on her way to Enza. I decided to find some other shade to paint my nails with. Color: Orly Green with Envy. At last, pretty nails before I start drafting for Arch33.

I'm currently having a honey facial here at home before I go to bed. I missed putting honey on my face. You guys ought to try it. It feels good. You can also try oatmeal or tomato, although I haven't tried tomato yet.

Anyway, nighty nighters, people. I'll be needing my beauty sleep. The stress has been making me uglier and uglier by the minute!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopaholic Saturday

I have this event coming up soon. It's the Alterchitecture Awarding Ceremonies which will be held on the 5th of January at the UP Theater. It's a cocktail event. I haven't been to any cocktail event in the longest time, nor have I ever been to any awarding ceremony. With this one, though, I'm sort of required since it was my org, UAPSA-UPD, that spearheaded the whole event. It's a nationwide contest and a lot of Architecture majors joined. I heard that someone from Davao even won. But that's enough about that.
Anyway, I did say it's a cocktail dress event, right? I decided to just wear whatever I have. I have a few dresses anyway. My mom decided against it. She said none of my dresses were
appropriate for a cocktail party. So, she told we were going shopping. We headed to SM Megamall. God knows how long since I last visited that mall. With acads and other events filling up my sched, I stayed stuck in Quezon City. At least now, I have an excuse to go back to Ortigas. We headed straight to Forever 21 once we got there. She told me to start
roaming around and just grab anything that caught my eye and we'll take whatever I liked after fitting. I ended up fitting eight pieces. Most of the dresses I saw were asymmetrical. I guess it's all the rage now -- again. I know it's against the rules to take photos of yourself while you're
inside the dressing room, but I had to take photos so that my mom can see the dresses I fit and help me decide which to fit. After several minutes ended up playing around with the stuff I picked...

I apologize, Forever 21. I was having fun with your pieces. The third dress got both my and mom's approval. It's simple and classic. I don't want to look really flashy at the ceremony. The fourth one is really a shirt dress and skirt combo. Mom picked that purple top. I didn't leave Forever 21 with just the dress, though. At the last minute, I grabbed a pair of black leggings. Farrah says I have way too many leggings and I never wear them, since every time she asks me what I'm doing, I say I'm looking for or buying leggings. I really just have three but thanks to Farrah, I'm compelled to wear leggings in the next few days. I'm usually clad in shorts, so I guess I should take a break from showing my legs to the world.
Mom and I had crepes at Crepes & Creme afterwards. We got a Buy 2 Take 1 coupon so we used it and were forced to eat THREE crepes in one sitting. Mom got the Fiesta, I went for Cappuchoco and we decided to make our own for the third one. We had a crepe with avocado ice cream, peach slices, and cheesecake bits. They're crepes are yummy and affordable. Plus, the avocado ice cream was divine! :)

Mom and I passed by Giordano so that I could get a new pair of skinnies. We also bought bras from La Senza. Well, at least that's a few stuff I can cross out on my "To Buy" list. I'm restocking my closet. Sheesh, I need better-looking clothes. Thanks to laundrywomen and laudromats that don't pay attention to quality or detail, my clothes end up damaged, shrunken, or just plain sad-looking. *sigh* But, that's not a thought to ponder on right now.

Shopping with mom was awesome! Next thing that we have to do is find a pair of shoes that would go with my new dress. Mom has suggested something. We'll go shoe-hunting next time. *wink*