Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chains and Charms

I got my stuff from ELETSHOP! Okay, I actually got them a few days ago, but I only managed to blog about it now. Boo me.

I was happy scrolling through the stuff on Irish's (that's the shop's name's owner) site because all of the charms were really cute. Too bad, though, some of the ones I liked were sold out and I was a bit low on cash when I decided to purchase some of her stuff. But I'm extremely happy with what I got and just how fast the whole transaction was.

I actually had a certain level of exhilaration when the guard handed me the package when I was about to enter the condominium around a day or two after I paid for everything. It was my first time to buy stuff online. Yes, I'm an online shopping noob.

So, yeah, anyway, new charms, chains, and wire to add to my crafting collection. If I had all the time right now, I'd be DIY-ing. I actually managed to make a few things but I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and make jewelry.

I've got a cabinet's cost estimate and airport design waiting for me so I guess the DIY therapy should wait.

What do you lovelies suggest I should make? Hit me up! I'm willing to experiment with anything. :)

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