Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Udang Goreng

my parents looking all happy and sweet

view of the mall from Penang Hill

Whole family's in Manila again and as usual, we chose to dine in Ortigas. My mom wanted to take us to Sumo Sam but the place was jampacked and we were too hungry to wait for a table to we went to Penang Hill. No regrets with that one. The food was awesome! I loved the Udang Goreng (Fried Prawns). Too bad I only managed to eat one piece. I did get most of the sauce. Yes, their sauces were awesome. Hooray for Asian cuisine!

We stopped for coffee at Starbucks (this is an SOP, actually). I chose to have a green tea latte while my sister, feeling toxic and all, decided to have a chamomile tea blend. Mommy got her usual machiatto and Daddy went for brewed coffee.

We all walked towards The Linden Suites and took a nightcap 'cause Daddy's flight was at 1:00pm the next day.

The whole time I was in Ortigas, my friends, namely  Emong, Aleks, Jazzie, Cessa, and Paolo, were at Spazzio. I was there the night before and I kinda wished I was with them because I suddenly missed them when they called me on the phone and I was in the taxi along San Miguel Avenue. I'll find time for them next week most definitely. I have a certain kind of attachment to certain people in Arki. Hahaha! What iz clingy.

I spent and ended my week pretty well. Let's see how the rest of the weeks before Christmas break go. :)

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