Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's Get It On!

I have not been able to blog for the past few weeks because my end-of-sem schedule has been driving me nuts. I've been lacking sleep and crashing at the most random times. In the past few days, I have consumed a lot of coffee, spent more time in coffee shops (Bo's and Starbucks), spent more than I should, and commuted back and forth to Makati and Arki even if official classes have already ended. I have become pretty lazy with my outfit choices this month, choosing a dress over a jean-top ensemble. You have to admit, wearing a dress is faster and it's a no-brainer on days when you're rushing to school because you have an exam to take. That's what I did. Yesterday, for our 161 Final Plate presentation, I wore my Heineken shirt, shorts, and ballet flats. I left the condo early because internet sucked and I needed to send a SketchUp file to my groupmates then cram my 171 take home exam with my classmates. I didn't think of looking presentable for last night's presentation anymore. I didn't have time to go home and change.

When other colleges complain about having a hell week, we go nuts over hell WEEKS. Or worse, MONTHS. Sleepless nights, caffeine overdoses, and going to class looking like crap are normal things during our hell weeks. When the going gets tough, I keep my game face on and just tell myself, "Let's get this on!"

I'm a workaholic and I like being busy more than being a bum, but not when there's so much work that you don't know which one to do first.. I try my best to take quick breathers in between and laugh the stress off before it ends up killing me. Stress isn't healthy and yet we take it on a regular basis, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Today, I barely left my seat since I just worked on our 136 plate, finalizing the paging system and sound system of my group mate, LJ's design. I also tried to add more details to my Arch 170 exercise and final project.

Arch 170: ArchiCAD Project

Arch 170: ArchiCAD Exercise

We, Arki students, sometimes come to a point wherein we ask ourselves why we chose such course and why we chose to put ourselves in this kind of ordeal. Yes, there have been times that we wanted to shift out and give up, but when we get to the finish line, when we pass our plates, put up our boards, and get our grades, we sigh and think to ourselves that we still do love Architecture, no matter what we've gone through.

So, to UP Arki, to the bittersweet experiences it gives at the end of every sem, I say, LET'S GET IT ON. GAME FACE ON!

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