Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall 2011 Trends: Chunky Sweaters

I check on College Fashion daily because of their interesting articles regarding the latest trends and outfit combinations.Earlier this month, they started posting articles regarding the latest trends for Fall 2011. There was an article regarding what a girl needs to update her wardrobe for fall and this season's must-haves are pretty interesting, even the color trends.
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The "-ber" months are in which means colder weather and more opportunities to experiment with layering and take out those jackets, coats, and sweaters! Here in the Philippines, we may not have fall but the "-ber" months are relatively cooler, plus with this parade of storms passing through the Philippine Area of Responsibility, lower temperatures and bed weather are expected. On days like these, I like to curl up on a couch or in bed wearing a chunky sweater. Chunky sweaters are so comfy that I can get a good snooze while wearing one. Fortunately, chunky sweaters are included in this season's trends!

I currently own one chunky sweater which my dad bought for me on one of his trips to Baguio City. I never get to wear them outside the dorm or condo because it gets too warm to wear them to class but thanks to colder days, I just might get to wear them outside.

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I took this shot three months ago. It was a pretty cool day when I took this out of the bottom of my clothing pile. Yes, I own a "Bill Cosby"-type sweater. This is the type most souvenir shops sell. They're pretty comfy and excellent for lounging or on days when you're feeling lazy. 

Embrace the colder months. Embrace the thick clothing. Embrace the chunk. Now, I ask you, would you wear a chunky sweater? 

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  1. One of my favorite trend this fall!

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