Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blue Lovin'

I came home tired from 171 work. For the past month, my classmates and I have been working on a 1:10m model of a steel and concrete structural frame. We just finished the beams of the first storey awhile ago and just added concrete to the form. The concrete mixture stained the underside of my fingernails and the Mighty Bond we were using to keep the ties in their places have made my fingers rough. My fingers have been a rough, flaky mess thanks to Structurals class. I was deciding on whether to continue my acad work here at home and proceed to sprucing up my plans for Design or to paint my nails. And then I thought, "Screw it. I'll paint my nails."

Photo Credit: Symphonies of the Overdosed

I have not painted my nails in months and I think my nails have thanked me for it but I wanted to see some color on myself. Now, I'm not one to pick subtle colors for my nails. I've tried blood red, bright yellow, orange, and purple on my nails. My mom tells me the colors don't suit me because of my skin color but this never stopped me from going outrageous with my nails.

This has got to be the darkest hue of blue I've used on my nails, The Face Shop BL605. There's a lighter shade of blue in our collection but I went for this just so that my nails will have that weird pop of color. This isn't my first time to use blue on my nails. I had BL602 last April and had something that looked like "Ateneo blue" in the summer of 2010.

Me trying and failing to make a shisha puddle (2010)

Is blue my favorite color? I don't know really, but I have noticed that I have a lot of blue pieces in my wardrobe. I have blue accessories, a pair of polka dotted blue flats, and A LOT of blue tops. So, I guess I am a lover of the hue. I don't know if I can call it a favorite though because whenever asked "What is your favorite color," my mind draws a blank. I am that lame.

Looking at my posts on Lookbook, I've noticed that most consist of at least one blue item. I remember telling myself years back to inject color into my wardrobe and I guess I injected too much of one color. I'll never get tired of blue, it being a neutral color and all, meaning it goes well with EVERYTHING, but every girl needs versatility in their closet and I think my wardrobe has been limited. Can anyone else suggest a color for me?
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  1. Really love the colors of the polish!

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