Sunday, September 4, 2011

ADHOC Party Virgin No More

I am writing this while sipping some green tea, as a way of detoxifying my system after a night of heavy alcoholic consumption. Last night, for the first time, I attended an event by the UP Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA), which was ADHOC: We Live For This which was held in the World Trade Center. I did mention that it was my first time, right? Don't get me wrong, I'm not new to the whole college partying scene but I have never attended an ADHOC party in my whole UP life. Plus, I limit my partying because I'm not much of a fan of the whole looking-good-to-get-smashed thing (I apologize for the description) but what the heck. My sister wanted to go, my girl friends (who I miss a lot) wanted to go, so I decided to give it a try and lose my "ADHOC party virginity."

I was having a major wardrobe malfunction while preparing for the event because I was too busy for the past few days to even bother thinking about what to wear. Thank God for my sister who's an expert in quick mix-and-matching. She even did my eye make-up. I am such a noob.

At 8:30pm, we, my sister and I, our parents, plus our friends Jeth, Dax, and Beato, piled into the car and left for ADHOC. My parents were in the car because they wanted to go out, too. They just ended up having coffee at Starbucks. Beato Bongco is Dax's friend, who I just met last Wednesday night at Drews. Jeth and Dax came from the same high school as my sister and I. Anyway, it was a long, awkward ride to the World Trade Center and when we finally got there, we immediately stepped out and made our way into the venue. We headed straight towards one of the booths and got ourselves The ADHOC Drink. Everything had El Hombre tequila in them. This gave me nasty flashbacks but I managed to finish my drink, anyway.

The ADHOC Drink

We felt like we were there way too early but at least we had time to get our buzz on before we end up rubbing shoulders with people just to grab a few plastic cups for ourselves. We met up with various friends at the event. I saw David with his girlfriend, Patty, who, at long last, was finally introduced to me. She really is a beauty and it looks like David has a good thing going on with her. I also saw old schoolmates, some Arki friends, and friends I just recently made in college. I squealed when I saw FarrahMithi, and Jane. I missed them immensely and the tight hugs and squeals weren't enough to express my happiness when I saw them. It's sad that I didn't get to take a photo with them last night. I was jumping from one social group to the other that I didn't have time to catch up with my girl friends. I was hanging out with Dax and Beato, looking for a chick that Beato could flirt with(because Hannah and Jeth went off on their own), then I teleported and started hanging out with Wangchuk and his friends from the IC, had slight language barrier problems with a Japanese girl who got introduced to me, said hi to a few other friends, and basically just socialized. I was no longer with the people I came with during the duration of the party. I was with Matt, a guy that came with Wangchuk. I had no idea in hell how we managed to wind up being alone together and not knowing where our crowds were. I did enjoy his company, him being a new friend and all.

With Beato and Dax
Photo taken by Hannah Torralba

Now, I have to utilize my Sunday for detoxification because my body my first time at ADHOC was preceded by days of alcoholic consumption as well. Detox just to retox, honey. My barkada was in Sarah's having a chill drinking session while I was at the World Trade Center. I wished they were there with me but it was good to hang out with people I have not seen lately. I'm planning to catch up with Mithi and hopefully I'll get to see Farrah before she goes home to Davao.

All in all, my first time was a fun experience. Intoxicating and a tad crazy but overall, it was a good night. We let out our inner wild child and there's no point regretting anything. UP JMA definitely delivered and meant it when they said that it was going to be EPIC.

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