Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Four-Day Laze

     I never considered myself a homebody. I mean, I do enjoy staying at home but whenever I can, I always try to find time to head out with friends to catch up over coffee, good food, or a few drinks. It doesn't have to be very far, I just need to spend time with my friends because I don't like being alone. Lately, though, I've spent my weekends at home, vegging out. I'll marathon movies or a series, cook, or take out food from across the street, and just stare at my laptop screen till night comes. I think I'm starting to lead a pretty boring life. And do you know what weirds me out? I'm totally okay with it. I'm fine with staying in on weekends weekends when everyone else is out partying and getting wasted. I'm okay with watching downloaded movies in the comforts of my condo unit while everyone else are in theaters, watching blockbusters on the big screen.

     Thanks to the numerous holidays August has, we didn't have regular classes Friday through Monday. Well, I still had Arch170 on Saturday and CWTS on Monday but I had Friday off, plus afternoon classes on Thursday were cancelled thanks to ACLE. Talk about a bummeriffic weekend right?

     When I'm home, I get to experiment in the kitchen. I play around with whatever I can find in the kitchen.I experimented with tuna last Friday with the help of Kirby Salvador, a friend I met one night at Abreeza, Davao. He gave me specific instructions on how to make the tuna meal. It's funny how I had to consult him through text because I didn't know what to cook for lunch.

French toast, chicken sausages, and diced peaches

   My favorite thing to experiment with? French toast, since it's pretty easy to make. Actually, anything that has eggs as ingredients are easy, don't you think? :)

     I made my french toast with leftover raisin wheat bread since that's what mom left here in the condo and I'm not a fan of white loaf bread. Yes, that sounds pretentious but ever since mom started buying wheat bread, my taste buds have gotten used to the not-so-sweet loafs. I still eat white bread, though, don't get me wrong.

French toast out of raisin wheat bread
     During the whole long weekend, I only remember going out thrice. Twice was because I had classes and the other instance was because my sister and I had to attend mass. We usually attend mass in UP, but we decided to try attending mass at Our Lady of Pentecost since it's a lot nearer. It is a wiser choice since the church is just a short walk or tricycle ride away. And since it was a Sunday and I didn't go out all dressed up, I decided to dress up for church. Yes, rare girl moment!

Thrifted charm bracelet from Eastwood Weekend Bazaar
Hype this look on LOOKBOOK

     After the mass, my sister and I headed to Rustan's to buy some vegetables and other grocery items because I wanted to do another kitchen experimentation. I cooked up a carrot and broccoli stir-fry and it came out perfectly. I didn't take a photo of it, though since my sister and I went straight to eating after. Oh well, bummerific weekend. I'll write regarding the next long weekend, too and we'll see how that goes. :)

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