Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Tap Room Catch-up

   Last Sunday, my family decided to meet up with a few family friends at NAIA since they were coming in from Davao City. They were flying to Guam for a week and we wanted to meet up before they left. We've known them for ten years now and they're practically family to me. In ten years, we've bonded through sleepovers,early morning billiard games, movie nights, and extreme sports adventures. Now, they're all 18 and I'm 20 (Yes, they're all the same age) and we've grown a lot but we still enjoy each other's company. 

     We were starving when we met up with them at the airport so we went to MOA but the restaurant we were supposed to eat in looked all messed up so we left and headed to The Manila Hotel and decided to try the drinks and pasta at The Tap Room. Mom enjoyed her margarita and Apa enjoyed his beer. The pasta was a totally different story. Hannah, my sister ordered pesto, Zech ordered carbonara, Nikki ordered soup, and I ordered whole wheat penne primavera. Only Hannah enjoyed her meal. Zech, being a student at iChef has developed a trained tongue. His pasta tasted like an egg sandwich and the ham was too sweet. He couldn't handle it at all. I could understand him being picky with food because he's great in the kitchen. He cooked up last Christmas' turkey. My pasta was as bland as ever. It was nothing but undercooked pasta tossed in vegetables, peanuts, and lots of oil. No amount of pepper and salt helped the taste. We all agreed on one thing, you can never go wrong with pesto.
Whole Wheat Penne Primavera

Seafood Pesto Linguini

     Thank God for awesome company or our afternoon could've turned sour. Us young ones decided to go out to get some fresh air while leaving the adults to enjoy their drinks and chats. We just lounged around and played around with the camera. We teased each other like kids, talk about the vices we've been on, things our parents don't know and the things they've caught us doing. 

Hello there, handsome friend
     Zech will be leaving and working in Guam in a few months. I'll miss this kid, I really will. I got close to him back when we were younger. He'd tease me for being fat and shorter than him, I'd tease him for being such an emo kid who cuts himself on the wrong places. But we both agreed on a few things: Alcohol, Pop Tarts, extreme sports, and rock music are awesome. :)
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