Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Because

I thought I only had one class today, since I remembered Ma'am Sy-Changco saying that after last week, we would be having individual consultations and our next official meeting will be on February 8. So, I stayed home to do homework, do my Construction plate. Since I was only attending one class, I didn't want to make a fuss about what I was going to wear. So I decided to step out in a grey Oxygen top and black Foever 21 leggings (as part of my personal challenge to not wear short shorts to school). I went to UP at 1pm to go to my supposedly one and only class, Plumbing. I was told that we had Arch75 this morning. Only six students were present. WOW.

Sir Espina returned our blue books which contained our 1st exam. I passed. Thank God. He did say that he was disappointed with the results of our exam. I felt guilty because I knew how passionate he was about the subject, being a proud Master Plumber and all. Well, I will strive to do better and understand the concepts just so that he won't wind up with a headache the next time he has to check our exams.

I got home early to do homework. There's homework for Arch27 (Structurals), GE 11 (Elementary Surveying), and Arch33 (Concrete Construction). Homework, here I come.


  1. HAHA the tag "vanity" :)) I wish I could take outfit pics but I'm too shy :)) You look good in the pics Heidi! Got thinner na ;) Jogging's paying off!

  2. Thanks, but, I only "look" thinner. I only lost 0.4lb. SERIOUSLY. :)) [plus, guy friends have been telling me I grew fat compared to before. as in EXAGG]
    You have awesome outfits. You should try taking shots of them! :)