Saturday, March 5, 2011


The Alterchitecture Awarding was a major success. We salute to the ones who headed the whole event, namely Daryl Refuerzo, Alterchitecture 2010 Head, and Nino Ricardo, Alterchitecture 2010 Secretariat. Congratulations, UAPSA-UPD!

After the awarding, we all headed to Encore, since our lovely Daryl managed to include all of us UAPSA-UPD members on the guest list because, as he said "This calls for a celebration."

I didn't stay long enough to watch interesting events transpire but I had a busy day and a curfew so the time I spent at the awarding and cocktail party was already good enough. Gearing up for Alterchitecture 2011. Speculate. Break. Innovate.

Kacy and I with the incumbent Execomm and Alterchitecture 2010 team

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