Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was really excited for this day because I planned to give myself some "me" time.

I started my day with a morning jog with Ross and Kuya Ray. After 6.6km, we decided to have strawberry-mango shakes at Lutong Bahay. It felt good to start my Saturday the healthy way.

When I got back to Katipunan, I had lunch at home, bathed, then decided to start the self-pampering. I went to Lay Bare to avail of the services that I didn't get to use yet when I picked one of their waxing packages. I then proceeded to Enza right after for a mani-pedi with my sister. I was supposed to use Face Shop's YL702, the latest color I bought but my sister forgot to bring it with her on her way to Enza. I decided to find some other shade to paint my nails with. Color: Orly Green with Envy. At last, pretty nails before I start drafting for Arch33.

I'm currently having a honey facial here at home before I go to bed. I missed putting honey on my face. You guys ought to try it. It feels good. You can also try oatmeal or tomato, although I haven't tried tomato yet.

Anyway, nighty nighters, people. I'll be needing my beauty sleep. The stress has been making me uglier and uglier by the minute!

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