Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pinku to Kani

This is a month-late! Gah. I never got to blog about my last Ortigas dinner date with my family. I'm practically in love with Ortigas, it being the place where my family and I lived in the summer of 2006. I've grown accustomed to the place and the lifestyle there. But, living in Katipunan has made my trips to Ortigas less frequent so I only go there when my dad's in Richmonde and we all decide to go out for dinner and coffee.

Bayo top, Diego denim shorts, thrifted accessories, thrifted loafers
I wanted to keep things simple, like I always do, thus, the outfit. It was cool enough for a long-sleeved top. Mind you, I am not a fan of pink or lace but these girly details got balanced out with the masculine structure of the top so I found it okay. I didn't want jeans to weigh me down on a lazy night with my family so I donned a pair of shorts instead.

We headed out for a Japanese dinner at Kimono Ken, Shangri-la Plaza Mall. I LOVE Japanese food! Itadakimasu!

My sister's a total Bon Chon addict. She told me, "Ate, I want a picture at Bon Chon!" Seriously?

It was the usual Starbucks-after-dinner trip for that night, but not at Pearl Drive anymore. We decided to go to the newly opened branch beside Richmonde.

Forgive my dad for his weirdness.
Yes, it's crude. We know.
Overall, it was a good family dinner. I had awesome Japanese cuisine in my belly, good coffee to satisfy my caffeine love, and a loving family for company.

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